Zari Obsessed With KingBae, Forgets Late Husband’s Anniversary

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Zari and her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga

Zari’s First Husband was a Ugandan Tycoon who succumbed to heart attack on May 25th, 2017, leaving behind zari and three sons. His Name was Ivan Ssemwanga

In 2018, Zari remembered his late husband through different months. On May, 6th 2018, Zari took to social media and paid tribute to her late husband through a special message.

Zari Hassan

This was a few weeks to the anniversary of Ivan Ssemwang’s Death.

Can’t believe its almost a year since God called you, it seems like yesterday. No day passes that i don’t pray for you and mom. May your souls continue resting in peace.
We surely come from far. Here Don is seen carrying Pinto ( who is a giant now), started from the bottom right? Your missed🌹

Zari wrote;

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On the same month, Zari also remembered his late husband while wishing his son birthday; She reminded him that his dad; Ivan SSemwanga was proud of him even in his death bed

Helloo Lil wakanda…. happy birthday son. 11 looks so cute on you. Dad must be proud of you wherever he is. You turning out well, i love the humbleness in all of you my kids (well except missy🙄, not sure where she gets her bossy attitude)
Am so grateful for my kids

In November Zarivisited Ivan’s grave

In December 2018. Zari also took to social media and shared a picture of her, her late husband their 3 boys. and captioned;

Today you’d have made 41 but God had other plans, yes we miss you being here physically but at the same time it feels like you never left. I see you through your sons, i feel your presence everywhere i am. Your legacy continues to live on. Continue sleeping in peace till we meet again @ivandon 🌹

Take a look at the post

It is clear even when Zari was Married to Diamond, she could remember  Her late husband but since she found Kingman, she forgot the late father of her kids. She has not paid tribute to him in 2019 and she has not taken her boys to lay wreaths on his grave.

 See the difference

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On May 25th, 2019, it was supposed to be Ivan Ssemwanga’s death the second anniversary. The shock on Zari’s fans she did not remember her late Husband. Seems she is deeply in love with her new lover to a point of forgetting where she has come from.

Zari took to social media to wish fellow Muslims Eid Mubarak. A concerned fan posed a question on why she did not remember Ivan SSmwanga in 2019 but Zari’s diehards trolled her for poking her nose on matters that do not concern her.

How come you ddnt remember ivan’s 2yrs without him on the 25th this year

comments from Zari’s Fans

how do you know she didn’t remember?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they are just quick to judge

how come you people think you can tell Zari what to do all the time?

LIKE REALLY????? Sit down 😏😏😏

Let the dead rest life goes on

how come you also don’t remember to mind your own business

let her be!!! Will you plz mind ur own business?🤪

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