Why Pimples are Continuously Growing in your Vaginal Area

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We have to agree that not every woman is walking around with an itchy vagina, but many are. There are so many causes that can be attributed to one having pimples outside the vaginal area. Some include; the constant use of skinny jeans, using synthetic underwear, not properly cleaning your vaginal area, staying for several hours with sweaty clothes after playing sports or with a wet bathing suit.

When it happens it is better to ignore the situation and go to a specialist to study and determine the cause of what could have caused it, since that way you rule out that it is not the symptom of a bigger problem and you can also take the appropriate measures so that your health is not affected.

The most common cases and the reasons are:

Hair follicle or an infected pore

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In these cases the lesion looks like a pimple, although there are usually some differences such as abnormal redness and local inflammation.

The genital skin has peculiar characteristics different from other areas of the body (elasticity, humidity, etc.). The injury can be accompanied by intense pain on contact or be completely painless.

In the most severe cases, it can drain pus and leave an inflamed area or lump after removing the pimple with the naked eye.

Grains or pimples

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These lesions can be located both in the genital labia and in its periphery, as well as in the orifice of the vagina and even inside it. The causes and consequences are very diverse: we may be faced with a simple genital grain or it may be a symptom caused by more important diseases.

It can also be a red hair product of an intimate hair removal.

Venereal diseases

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Some have similar symptoms and should be treated immediately before they leave serious sequelae such as sterility, cysts, etc. It may be a venereal disease such as HPV (human papilloma virus) that is always a diagnosis to rule out in these cases.

Other causes are also possible

  • Infections by mollusks, fungi or bacteria.
  • Principles of cysts.
  • Injuries

To avoid this ‘situation’ it is important to have proper hygiene and also to healthy diet, since the diet has a great influence on the health of your body in general.

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