Unmasking The Deadly Bodaboda Gangs of Homabay

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Homabay bodaboda operators are, once again, on the spot after they lynched a woman suspected to have killed his own son and bewitched her stepson.

The woman identified as 62-year-old Mary Achieng is said to have bewitched his son who died three months ago.

Irate bodaboda operators are reported to have been irked after the woman was accused once again of bewitching her stepson whom who ran mad.

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Bodaboda operators PHOTO | COURTESY

The Misambi bodaboda operators are said to have frogmarched Ms Achieng to a parade where she was to identify the witch she had consulted in order to bewitch her stepson.

This stemmed from reports that Achieng had been experiencing nightmares after killing his son.

The bodaboda operators said that the woman had all of a sudden been cured of her nightmares, but his stepson became mad around the same time period.

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Onlookers mill around a scene of crime. PHOTO | COURTESY

She was attacked by the bodaboda operators after she refused to identify the witch who allegedly helped her to make her son mad.

This happens just days after Millicent Akinyi- a Kitale-based witch is said to have dipped a one-and-a-half-year-old baby into hot boiling water.

Akinyi is said to have been invited by the deceased child’s mother to cure it of cerebral palsy.


She would later prepare a concoction of salt, herbs and water before dipping the child into it.

Police in Kitale would be invited to arrest Akinyi after the child was severely burnt on the stomach and its skin peeled off.

The child was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries.

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