Netizens savagely roast Bagandan’s ‘gay’ photo with Dj Khaled

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A man has committed online suicide after posting a photo with renown DJ Khaled. His clout chasing photo goes horribly wrong after netizens notice something shocking in the photo.

His intentions with the very evident photoshopped photo have been completely reversed as what he thought would make him an internet sensation has done just so, but for the wrong reasons.

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The Ugandan who goes by the twitter name , unfortunately, photoshopped his behind right on Dj Khaled’s hand and Twitter went crazy, savagely roasting him concerning the same.

Here’s the tweet that has since broken the internet;

Check out guys hilarious reactions to it:

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Let’s hope Dj Khaled doesn’t see this craziness because he won’t be as impressed.

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