‘Mkunaji na Mkuni!’ Willy Paul does it again in Sumbawanga

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Controversial Artist Willy Paul has been giving the gospel fraternity in Kenya sleepless nights with his racy antics. He has put to question the legitimacy of his status as a Gospel Artiste for quite some time now.

Nandy and Willy Paul have been on everyone’s lips making headlines with their raunchy Choma Ngoma performance, and if you thought that was the end of the craziness you thought wrong.

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The Nandy Festival that was held in Sumbawanga in Tanzania put a whole new name to raunchy after the two took to the stage. They crossed some lines no one thought they were capable and gave the people exactly what they asked for.


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Hongera dada @officialnandy jana was fire!! Thank you Tanzania sumbawanga for the love.. bless..

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In case you still had doubts over his status as a gospel artiste, allow Opera News to enlighten you.

This one has set the record straight for a lot of hopeful religious fans that he would recover. He doesn’t seem to be anytime soon. Check out their previous performance pictures below:


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We are still alive. There was an accident but No death reports… #sumbawanga #nandyfestival #hallelujah1 tuko njiani

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Here are fans reactions;

pinchesp Nyinyi vile nawaona mshanyanduana…..infact you rehersed this position time ya sekete😋😂

niki_milian Mkunaji na mkuni

dave_iceprince Bwana mkunaji….hatari sana

dvj_danlley_254 It’s “a notch higher” bro @willy.paul.msafi

nittanity8 Eiiiiishh Dada yuasema tu haleluyaaa🔥🔥🔥🔥

odhisodhisy1999 Jaza hio tumbo sasa

remmie254 Kazi gani🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣mnavurugana na kivuruge huyo

warejisteve254 Kijana ndio unajitrain kurausha dudu juu

mikesonkhood Willy possed 🤔thiz too much nigga 🙉🥶

edithsonn Personally I gif up

sophdexophy_tz Mshabakiz kuvua tuu 😂😂

nduchvannyboy Wakoseshe usingizi kabosa

evans.korir.129 Pozee naona huyo mrembo anastahill hawe your wife ,,,,

aggie_dimpoz_ke Tumechoka kusubiri you tube🔥🔥🔥jameni the moves there

Check out their hit song below;

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