Karen Kaz Lucas -Mum said when ready to have intimate relationship bring him home

As we all know, in the most  African setting, the mention of the topic about intimate relationship is a taboo even the mentioning of the word itself is presented as dangerous and even reckless outside marriage.

However, Popular singer Karen Lucas popularly known as Kaz has shocked many with her confession about the conversation she used to have with her mum about sexual intercourse.

During a candid interview, Kaz who confessed that she started dating when she was under 18  and that she used to date older men revealed that her mum introduced her to sex topic at a tender age.


“My mum used to tell me that sex is painful for the first time and whenever I feel like am ready to have it I  should do it in her house” she revealed.

The shocking part of it which most African parents can’t do it is that when she felt it was time to get intimate she brought the guy home.

“When I was ready to have sex, I brought the guy home and my mum gave me condoms and she left”she narrated during a candid live interview.

Former Tusker Project Fame contestant Kaz who still remembers her mum advice, “The ugliest thing in the world is the naked man with a sock on” went ahead to say her mum never shy away from discussing intercourse topics.


Kaz who once said she has no room for children revealed that currently single and not searching.

” Am currently single, the more I learn about sex it’s hard for me to have it” she revealed.

She also revealed that she is a victim of sexual abuse adding that at some point in her life she was molested by her teacher and when she was a teenager she got raped.

Kaz who is still in therapy is offering a discount on online therapy class for sexual abuse victims who are facing trauma.

“An online counseling group for clients with a history of sexual abuse This gives an opportunity to meet other clients with similar issues and develop a support system and healthy coping skills. Space is limited to 10-12 participants per closed group. No previous experience with therapy necessary” she wrote.



I think it’s time every parent should introduce sex topic in their home, many kids get violated and never tell their parents because they are afraid to open up on the sensitive topic.

The cruel act subjected to them will later come to bite them when they are old enough to get into a relationship.


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