Diamond’s message to Nandy after tragic accident

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Wasafi Artist Diamond Platnumz has sent a message to Nandy in regard to the unfortunate accident she encountered with her team.

On their way to Sumbawaga, a van that was ferrying her dancers and band rolled over and the injured were rushed to hospital.

Diamond mentioned that he heard about the news and he empathizes with Nandy and her team.

His prayer was that the rest of the team would reach their destination, Sumbawanga safely and have a successful show.

Diamond added that Nandy is a young person with a rare spirit of determination and is committed to getting pay from her talent.

He also emphasized that when a woman goes all out with such hard work then she deserves total support.

Diamond urged the media to continue supporting Nandy and never fall back because then without the support it becomes very easy for anyone to lose hope.

The Singer was speaking after he landed in Kahama where he is expected to perform during his one-man mic concert.

Diamond also revealed how the Wasafi team has been supporting Nandy stating that she is like family to Wasafi and they have always given her 100 percent of their support.

Nandy also spoke after the accident updating fans that no deaths were reported from the accident and their show is still on.

The friendship between Nandy and Wasafi team traces from years back and at some point, she was rumoured to be Diamond’s lover.

Diamond’s message following this incident clearly reveals the nature of the family ties as he described it and generally the unity that Tanzanian musicians have.

Here is the full interview

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