Gov Mutua wants employees to resign over defying kshs 1,000 change

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Machakos governor Alfred Mutua

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua wants  government employees against the program of changing all kshs 1,000 by October to resign. He believes its improper and unacceptable for any state officer to sue the same government over a government program

Do you agree that they should resign?

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The Central Bank of Kenya has said old Ksh.1000 notes should be out of circulation by October 1 this year.

Speaking when he unveiled the new legal tender at the Madaraka Day celebrations in Narok, CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge said the move is intended to fight counterfeit practises.

“All the older Ksh.1000 series shall be withdrawn. All persons have until October 1, 2019 to exchange these notes, after which the older ones will cease to be legal tender,” he said.

The old Ksh 1000 notes will be withdrawn in graft war even as the country seeks to tame runaway corruption in the country.

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A currency dealer counts Kenyan shillings at a money exchange bureau on September 19, 2018

However activist Omtatah who has taken to court, is arguing that the demonitization of the Ksh.1,000 notes after October 1 is not supported by law.

“It is a lie that the currency was issued vide the Gazette Notice of 31st May 2019 as no such gazette notice exists at the Government Printer. A copy of The Kenya Gazette Published on 31st May 2019 does not contain a notice issuing the currency,” argues Omtata.

The issuance of the new currency has also been challenged in court by the East African Legislative Assembly MP, Simon Mbugua.

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Simon Mbugua. Kenyan Eala MP

In their separate motions, the two are seeking to block the circulation of the new currency notes, citing various contraventions of the law such as the inclusion of the portrait of former President Mzee Kenyatta.

The orange democratic Movement chairman John Mbadi has urged other party members to desist from making contradictory statements regarding the new notes, more specifically the image of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s statue present in the new notes.

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ODM chairman John Mbadi

“Even the current notes bear Moi and Kenyatta’s images.  The KICC statue is still a portrait,” he divulged.

However, he urged the Central Bank of Kenya to comply with the law of the land which prohibits the printing of notes with portraits of any individual.

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