Raila Should be Declared a Threat to National Security, MP Declares

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa now claims that Opposition Leader Raila Odinga has become a threat to national security and he should be declared so in the National Assembly.

Barasa reveals that he is intending to present a bill in Parliament to declare the Former Prime Minister a threat to National Security.

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The lawmaker said this while speaking in Kimilili that it is the businessmen all over the country from whom he has been receiving phone calls from who have been pushing him to present a bill seeking to ensure Raila is stopped from interrupting with their businesses when that time comes.

“As a member of parliament I have received a petition from business from different part of Kenya. They are lamenting that their businesses are always destroyed. They have asked me to present a bill in parliament so that we can declare one Raila Amolo Odinga a threat to National Security , ” he said.

Lately, he claimed that Raila Odinga should be dead since he doesn’t mean well for the common of the general public.He believes that Raila doesn’t have the interest of the people at heart.


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