ODM MPs milkshaked after Raila gives green light on new currency

Image result for RailaThe Orange Democratic party has expressed its satisfaction on the new currency notes unveiled during the Madaraka day celebrations after making consultations with the highest party organ.

The announcement came after a section of MPs from the party had earlier challenged the move backed with constitution claims and asking for a recall of the new currency, claiming it had openly disregarded the Constitution.

In a press conference by the ODM chairman, John Mbadi said that the party is in full support on the unveiling the new currency and that there is no division on the matter.

Violation of the constitutionImage result for Violation of the constitution

The debate on the issuance of the bank notes narrows down to Article 231(4) of the Constitution which decrees that Kenyan currency bank notes shall not bear the portrait of any individual, but each new generation Kenyan currency banknote bears a prominent display of the portrait of the late President Jomo Kenyatta.

The CBK simply used the architectural masterpiece that is the KICC to sneak onto the new generation Kenyan currency bank notes the portrait of the late President Jomo Kenyatta.

“Our party is very democratic and members are allowed to express their views,” Mr Mbadi said.Image result for Chief Justice David Maraga

The High Court has requested Chief Justice David Maraga to form a three-judge bench to hear ‘weighty’ issues in the case seeking to stop issuance of the new currency notes.

In his petition, Activist Omtata filed a petition challenging the invalidation of current Sh1,000 notes effective from October 1, as was ordered by CBK boss Dr. Patrick Njoroge.

Governor Njoroge in his address has exuded confidence that those who oppose the circulation of the banknotes will triumph in a legal battle.
“I have been informed of a legal challenge that has just been filed. We are going to deal with those issues as a matter of priority,” he remarked.




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