Nandy Speaks After Escaping Tragic Accident

whenever an accident happens, people speculate, and before a piece of first hand information is obtained from the victims, a lot can really be said. This has been the case with Nandy’s accident reports.

Reports saying that Nandy and her fellow artists were involved in a grisly road accident flooded the media on Tuesday morning. Others indicated that some people lost their lives on the incident.

However, these stories are not to be believed. The first-hand information has been obtained and here it is. first, the bus that had the accident was not ferrying the artists.


Well, Nandy, willy Paul, and other artistes are on their way to Sumbwanga, Tanzania where they are supposed to perform on a festival which will be held at Nelson Mandela Stadium, Sumbwanga in Tanzania.

We understand that Nandy and a group of artists, dancers and band left Nairobi on Sunday for Tanzania after an epic performance in Nairobi. However, on Monday reports of the accident reached various media houses indifferent versions.


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Nandy has come out to give clear details of the accidents. Unlike prior reports, Nandy says that the bus that was ferrying dancers and the band team is the one that was involved in an accident.

In a short video, Nandy says that the bus was badly damaged but the passengers came out all alive and well. None of them died from the accident.

She said that some of them, however, have been taken to hospital and confirmed that all artists are sound and safe. she thanked d for keeping them safe and thanked fans for prayers.

Here is the video


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