Timmy T Dat Finds Himself On The Bench With Ex-Girlfriend

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The relationship status of the Popular Kenyan singer and songwriter Timothy Owor,  popularly known as Timmy T Dat has never been revealed, after a Tanzanian Rapper, Rosa Ree Denied being in a relationship with him.

The rumors of Timmy and Rosa Ree surfaced after Timmy T Dat worked with Rosa Ree on a number of songs. You all know that people would speculate after seeing a man getting close to a woman.

The case of Willy Paul and Nandy is an example of how people find controversies around celebrities and especially their lifestyles and relationships.

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Well, the rumors came and later cleared, and now, on a very interesting environment, Timmy found himself on the interview bench with his Ex-lover. You could see from far how among the four female interviewers; Nonny Gathoni, Nzula Makosi, Jacky Matubia and Kush Tracey, of that spot switch Tv, One of them was very uncomfortable and uneasy. Now, that’s the one!

However, their relationship ended. It was so uneasy to have them on the same bench!

Take a look at this!

The question of whether he is dating or not is what led to one Kush Tracy go a bit shy and then her co-host came out clear that the two were dating at some point but later broke up.

They both confirmed and Kush Tracey gave a brief bio of Timmy T Dat. She said that he hustled a lot before gaining fame.

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She said that they have had humble beginnings and that Timmy was once a garbage collector, Mutumba seller, and later became a tout. However, that was past and Kush had to do her job.

Fans were pleased and they gave they left hilarious comments on the interview. Take a look.

Kush looks very uncomfortable hahah woiyee

Kuna vile kush ako mshae kwani Timmy alikuduu nn

Kush angejiomba that day,she isn’t comfortable

Kush hayuko comfortable hahaha kuna kitu chini ya maji inaendelea

But here,you guys,,sana sana kush,acted very mature,,respect,,,

Woishee….Kush si amenyamaza…ni kusmile tu na kujikaza.

Kwa kuna siku Timmy alikuwa anadate Kush n cna habari😎

Kush nkama kuna place aliguzwa na timi akimcheki anakumbuka



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