The Humorous Tale of Kenyan Households during Blackouts

blackout feelings

If I’m being real, the first thing we all do as Kenyans during a black out is go check whether our neighbours also have no lights, and if so, proceed swiftly to go check the token units available. But if it turns out that we all have no lights, then there are different stages of feelings we all experience…. starting with forming an impropmtu chama outside your gate with your neighbours to express anger and annoyance in solidarity.

No one likes blackouts. Power outages are my least favourite things in life. In this day and age, our whole lives are ruled by electricity. Whoever said ‘you never know what you have till it’s gone’ had electricity in mind. It’s one of those things you assume but realize it’s importance when it’s gone.

Of course KPLC schedules it’s lengthy blackouts and puts notices on newspapers (which people no longer read), but there are always the impromptu outages that last two to three hours. Here are feelings we all get when there’s one.

Here are feelings we all get when there’s one:

1. They can’t be serious.


2. I don’t know what to do with my life right now.


3.  Now I’m going to miss my favourite TV show.


4. Oh Lord…I forgot to buy a candle. 
5. Should I sleep or go out. 


6. I hope my phone lasts for some time.  
7. Not again.


8. I hope it comes back soon.

9. Phweks at least my laptop has a bit of charge.


10. F^%k KPLC!!!!

Which of these thoughts do you get the most?

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