Echesa Goes Back to Class ahead of 2022 gubernatorial race

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Former sports cabinet secretary Rashid Achesa seems to be regretting his wasted past after he announced that he has gone back to class. The embattled former CS has announced that he is setting his eyes on the 2022 gubernatorial race for Kakamega county.

Echesa revealed that he decided to concentrate on books since he recently has more time at his disposal unlike when he was the cabinet secretary.

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Speaking during Bunge La Maisha at radio Maisha, Echesa observed that the papers will enable him to vie for any political seat come 2021.

“I am back in school and by 2022 I will have the papers to vie for any seat in the country, including governor Kakamega County if the people want me to,” said Echesa.

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“I’m also young and time is definitely on my side. It’s back to the drawing board and strategise.” he added

Echesa was fired by President Uhuru Kenyatta three months ago under unclear circumstances with his position taken by former Education cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed.

“I need to have the same academic papers that these people are talking about. ”

The ex-boxer has been widely rumoured to have dropped out of Standard seven with no clear information on his academic qualifications. As such, he was seen as undeserving of a cabinet post. Perhaps, this would explain why netizens celebrated when he was relieved of his duties.

When Achesa presented his CV to the National Assembly’s Committee for appointments, it is said that the members of the committee were stunned but since they had no option, his name was passed for the post.

It is said that Deputy President William Ruto was the man behind Achesa’s appointment as a reward since he was a strong campaigner for Jubilee party in Western Kenya during the 2017 general elections.

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Echesa’s downfall seemingly started after being openly rebuked by President Uhuru in front of ODM leader Raila Odinga five months ago. While visiting Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s mausoleum, Uhuru got angry over its poor state prompting him to lecture him as Raila watched.

Echesa has also been widely accused in many frauds cases. Apart from being involved in a money laundering case, the former CS found himself in trouble when controversial Pakistani dancers who were arrested in Parklands, Nairobi claimed that they were in there courtesy of Echesa

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He was also accused of paying three journalists to photoshop images of Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala in bed with a woman. Despite all these temptations, Echesa has maintained that he will not be intimidated and that he will die supporting deputy president William Ruto

It is not immediately known which class or academic course Echesa is undertaking at the moment.






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