Brenda Wairimu introduces her cloth brand

Kenyan Actress Brenda Wairimu has introduced her cloth brand to the world.

Brenda says that her cloth brand will be titled ‘Brendish’ and she plans on engaging her fans reviewing her brand name and logo.

The Actress joins the list of celebrities who ventured into business and for her particularly making self-designed products.

Brenda says that she began by making her own clothes and stuff that would fit her before she started making for her friends too.

She has seen her passion grow slowly into something bigger and she seemingly wants to take it to another level.

Her products include sweaters, hoodies, and dresses and she reveals that she also mentioned that she has made several designs so far.


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#BrandBrendish men 😍😍😍😍😍 Details coming in hot soon!!!

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The Actress motivation to make more of the outfits was triggered by good reviews about her product which fueled her course.

Brenda also noted that she will soon be giving details about the pricing and delivery of her new product.


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Fans could clearly not hide their excitement and most have revealed that they are eagerly waiting for the official launch of this product in the market.

From the fan review, some believe the pieces are worth  hitting the International market as well.


And when i get my hands on them,they’ll be my every day wear..and brendish is the best name for Brenda wear👌💯


Its a really unique spring n summer wear too..push it..


..the pieces would actually hold ground dfntly keeping an eye on this..



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I started making my own clothes! Stuff that fits my style and I would wear, sweaters, hoodies, dresses, I even made stuff for my guy friends too! And when I wore them, I got some real good reviews, I had two crop sweaters literally bought off my back. I should have given them for free, but the world invented this thing called school fees 🤷🏽‍♀️. So we made more, and I am extremely excited to share the prototypes and few of the designs with you as we slowly but surely get this going!!! I’m thinking of calling this particular design ASHley 😏😏😏. I would love to have you guys with a piece of me in your daily lives. So for now, follow @brandbrendish and all details on pieces, pricing, delivery, will be up soon! Side note, but equally important, what do you guys think of the name and logo???

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