Babu Owino is Selling One Thousand Notes at Half Price Following New CBK’s Directive

CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge on Saturday unveiled what to many Kenyans was a major surprise.

Though CBK claims the withdrawal directive is meant to deal with the menace of counterfeit Ksh. 1,000 notes in the country and beyond borders, there is a bigger issue.

The fight against corruption and wanton siphoning of public resources, at the national and county levels.

Those owning the Kshs. 1000 notes will be required to return the money to banks of which some will be required to explain the source of their money.

The directive has since called for a number of reactions;

Now, the Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has announced that he is selling his Ksh.1000 notes at half a price.

Posting on his twitter account he wrote;

“I’m selling these at half the price”

Reacting to the post which to some sounded like a joke, a number of the netizens showed interest in the same , others tagged the Directive of Criminal Investigation while others laughed off the post.

Here are some of the reactions;

Owino’s post has happened just a few days after the Samburu County driver was arrested ferrying Ksh 1 million in Ksh 1000 notes. He could however not account for the source and the intended use.

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