Zari savagely responds to fan questioning her religion

Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan fired back at a fan for questioning her religion.

The mother of 5 has never quite made it clear on whether she subscribes to the Christian or Islamic faith.

As a matter of fact, she seemingly practices both and this has led to confusion from her fans.

Zari has severally mentioned about going to church and during this Holy Month of Ramadhan, Zari was spotted wearing the Muslim outfit; from Bui Bui to  Hijab.

She also held an Iftar dinner where she invited friends over at her place, a move that triggered a lot of reactions from her fans.

A fan demanded to know whether Zari is a Muslim or Christian and in response to this, Zari asked the fan to mind his/her won business and stop bothering about things that are not of his/her concern.


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Mbarikiwe wote wenye wamefunga mwezi wa Ramadan 🙏. Ameen🙏

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Others claim that it is against the Islamic law to have a non- muslim prepare Iftar meal for Muslims who fasted.

Zari also fired back questioning why Tanzanian politician Paul Makonda wore a Kanzu and officiated an  Iftar celebration.

According to Zari, people seem to be on her case and that is why they always judge her for what she does.

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Sheriya ya dini inasema mtu ambae sio muslim haruhusiwi kupikia iftar watu ambao walifunga😁sasa nashangaa hilo likafiri lisilojuwa kanisa au msikiti kupewa Jojo🙌🙌🙌


@fellainiib880 kwani Mr Makonda kufturisha waislam na kuva kanzu amuyawoni, mnaona yangu tu. Maumivu yakizidi kunywa subiri

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