Nakuru County in Mourning Over Bizarre Saturday Incident

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Nakuru County is in deep mourning after a Saturday incident that claimed the lives of four people, badly maiming another.

trouble started when a Saturday downpour gripped the Rift Valley county rendering most business unable to continue operating.

The rains would continue to pound the county forcing businesspeople to scamper for safety when it became apparent there was no end in sight.

A group of four people were shielding themselves from the heavy downpour at a Verandah when lightning struck at an unlikely spot.

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Aerial view of Nakuru Town

The aftermath of the strike was four dead with another one person admitted at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital in a critical condition.

The incident occurred at Piave village in Njoro and the deceased taken to Egerton University Mortuary.

The incident happened one month after a Form Two student at a secondary school in Kisii was struck down by lighting.

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The 16-year-old was playing football in the company of other students when lightning singled him out of the group of Nduru Boys High School at the institution’s playground.

The incident caused a general panic at the school, forcing the County Police boss to intervene.

“We call for calmness among parents. We all mourn the sudden death of the student, ” Kisii County Police Commander Martin Kibet said then.

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