Mother and son behind bars for killing father

A mother and her 18-year-old son will stand trial for murder of her husband after investigations pointed to them as main suspects.

The matter was to go for inquest, but the Director of Public Prosecutions declined on grounds that the statements from the two were inconsistent and they might be suspects or accomplices of murder. Christine Dunge and Michael Mulama were charged jointly with others not before court with attacking Dr John Mulama seriously injuring him on the neck, head and limbs.

The two have been in police custody since May 16 after police constable Athman Ali attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations obtained custodial orders against them. Their phones have been forwarded to the cybercrime unit in Nairobi for scrutiny. The deceased, a doctor at Mbale Hospital in Vihiga is said to have arrived at their Shipalo home, Shinyalu sub-county on May 13 and retired to bed at 11pm.

He left his wife preparing some buns (mandazis) for sale, while their son was in his room adjacent to the house. According to court documents Ms Dunge went to answer a call of nature at around midnight and woke up his son. Mulama was reportedly hit by an assailant while the wife was still outside.

Police responded to the incident and rushed Mulama to Mukumu Mission Hospital before he was transferred to Kakamega County General Hospital for specialised treatment. He succumbed to the injuries on May 15. The officers recovered a machete near the couple’s home but it had been cleaned. Kakamega High Court Deputy Registrar ordered the two to take plea on June 4.

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