List of Reputable Careers in Kenyan Media Industry 2019

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Choosing your career can be refreshing or daunting sometimes. You see some careers however come with various advantages that has people questioning their decisions. In our local television for example, girls are pretty and envied by fellow women…even men. They are in our living rooms daily.

The more we stare at them on screens reading news or interviewing high-profile personalities, the more some of us think they must be very lucky indeed.

Some are lucky. They have great jobs, connections, are famous and thus get special treatment, live large (or seem to) and have huge following on social media.

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They are celebrities by virtue of their jobs. But have you heard of the saying the cowl does not make the monk? It’s one dollop of wisdom to simply discourage people from judging others from their appearances…or their jobs, in this case, TV jobs.

When you are choosing a career, you know that this is something you will do for the rest of your life: it better be good. If you are leaning towards a career in mass communication, this should help you know the career opportunities available.

Here are some of the many job titles you can choose from and what they entail:

  • Content Creator

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With the evolution of technology, creating content for digital marketing qualifies to be a career; a good one at that. This is contributing information to any media outlet. It involves creating visual and written material. Bloggers are content creators. There are currently many bloggers in Kenya that are doing well.

Examples include Eric Asuma of, Martin Gicheru of,, Alice Wanjira of, Morris Kiruga of Mass communication will nurture that writing talent into a professional career.

  • Television News Anchor

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Yes, it does look prestigious. That is because they work hard. Before you see the sharply dressed anchor at 9:00 pm, research, editing and practice was done. Information was turned into news.

  •  Film Producer

Taking up this role means handling the production, finances, marketing and distribution of a movie. This is arguably one of the best artistic careers for the creative minds.

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  • Film Director

You would be in charge of the film’s look and sound. Ensuring the creative aspects of the production and the technical aspects are in check. Be on the lookout: we shall soon feature a Kenyan Filmmaker who’ll let you in on the secrets of thriving in the film industry.

  • Public Relations Officer/Manager

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Ever thought of representing an organization, brand or even a celebrity? Public relations is simply passing information from an individual or organization and the public concerned.

Olivia Pope, from the hit series Scandal, is an example of this. Model, Kendal Jenner is the brand ambassador of the highly acclaimed make up franchise, Estee Lauder.

  • Editor

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The information you get on the newspaper goes through an editor. After it’s written, the editor refines and approves. The magazine you like is edited. That is why you like some more than others. If you enjoy reading, this is for you. As an editor, you would informatively place articles and pictorials to suit your reader.

  1. Own a Production House

Studying mass communication can also mean embarking on a journey to self-employment. Why not own a production house? You can.

Think of 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros among others. If you watch movies, you’ve come across some of these names. This can be your line of career. What they do is provide a home for productions. From budgeting, physical set-ups, talent & resource supply, production facilities and more.

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