Allogant! Akothee Savagely Mocks Pastor Ng’ang’a

The controversial City Pastor James Ng’ang’a messed up big time when he walked up to the pulpit, grabbed the microphone and started insulting his own bishops right before the congregation. Ng’ang’a resurfaced yet again on social media over controversial remarks and threats towards people after he threated to ‘kill’ one media personality by the name Linus Kaikai.

However this time round Netizens did not spare him. They came out and trolled him for gross misconduct yet he is a ‘man of God’. people made all manner of jokes and sarcasm towards Ng’ang’as words turning social media into a house of comedy for quite some time.

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Akothee who is currently in Europe got a glimpse of the Pastor’s theatrics and went online to drop her piece of sarcasm. Trust me when this woman has something against you, she can actually intimidate you.

Akothee took to social media and shared the video of Pastor James addressing his congregation like the master and did a combo of English- Luo caption.

This is what akothee wrote;

Not everyday is your day in church, someday its for lubbish and allogans
When I think of going to church and meet lubish and allogans as the topic of the day I feel heavy hearted , then I say NENO💪
Seche maluongo nyinge to kik aketie tugo nyasaye ngama ng’ongo, adieri in ema iruakona nanga sama duk.🙋🙏🤣😂🤣😂😂

Luo part translated; When I am calling His name(GOD) i should not joke about it, He is God the great. it’s true He is the one who clothes my nakedness

 Reactions to Akothe’s post

And you will still find people attending that church come Sunday 😥so I don’t know who is more allogant,the fools who go to listen to another fool or what 🤔it’s sad🤡

Na ukumbuke akikohoa unaamka…. Mmmh!! Think twice

acha tuishi SDA, katoliki, indipendence na ACK zile tulionyeshwa na granny’s zetu…hii Mambo ya viosk hatuwez…

true churches, guys should ditch this business based churches

That’s why i don’t go to church🙄

Makosa alifanya he didn’t tell us the other side of the story. Sisi kama judges we need to know Bibi alifanyiwa nini. Now the we are left hanging 🤷🏾‍♀️very offending indeed 😏

Am happily a Roman Catholic…his education background and their church cultures total dome

Hana adabu kwani yeye ndie MUNGU BABA au YESU?ifike wakati wakristo tusiyumbishwe na hawa manabii wa uongo tusimame tubaki kwenye dini zetu au madhehebu ya asili.😤😤😤



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