‘Salimianga watu,note ya thao pia hutolewa!’ Hilarious Reactions to new currency Directive


The fact that the only message Kenyans took home from the pomp and color of the 56th Madaraka Day Celebrations was the directive which abolishes the new 1000 notes effective 1st October. Is it because the whole ceremony is a script they have heard too many times and has consequently become boring?

Or is it because so many billionaires who have hoarded wards of notes under their pillowcases, will soon become like the rest of us? I am talking about Poverty.

In one sweeping move, the government through CBK governor Patrick Njoroge announced that:

“All the older Ksh.1000 series shall be withdrawn. All persons have until October 1, 2019 to exchange these notes, after which the older ones will cease to be legal tender.”

This tweet summarised what most of us had in mind:

It is going to be a very long four months for the cartels, as they try to find ways to clean their ill-gotten wealth. Perhaps some of them should think about buying proboxes alafu walipe na cash.

You can’t just go to a bank and deposit one million shillinngs. It requires that you declare the source of your money and also produce evidence supporting the same.

Don’t be surprised when you see posters about buying 1000 notes at half price in the coming days.

In the words of one Pastor Ng’ang’a, the 100 notes will be taka taka beyond 1st October and the vibandas found using them will be closed. ‘lubbish’

All those slay queens & kings who have been claiming ”Wako na Rangi ya Thao” mtaambia watu nini jameni?

Yaani everyone is praising Uhuru. Kumbe Kenyans are so mad about the runaway corruption.


‘What about getting 500 people and having them deposit 900k per day in different accounts and later transfer them to your account when things cool down.’ Haha I can help you know.

The problem with Kenya is that you will still hear the likes of Murkomen complaining that they are being targeted by the move to change ksh 1000 note.

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