LIPA DENI BRO! Getting your money back from your Friends


We have at least one friend who has a bad habit of borrowing money only to return it weeks or days or even years later while they come up with the most flimsy excuses for it too smh!

They shamelessly ignore your calls as you chase them to get what’s yours but they act like you’re some bank that was meant to pay them. Such people are shameless, they are the kind you give your tops, lesos, power banks and even money but they refuse to pay you back. They give you lame excuses as to how they have been too busy but they have the time to keep posting photos on IG. Need your money back? Here are the ways to make sure they pay you back.

1. Tell them you want your money back 

Just tell them you want your money back because if they are not making your money multiply somewhere they should return it. This is the first step.

hilarious ways to get someone to pay you back
2. Be petty and share a post about people who don’t pay people back

Post it and even tag them and write something like “I think it’s funny how some people think some of us are like world bank” to be honest if they don’t get hurt by this, they will not pay you back.

hilarious ways of getting someone to pay you back
3. Ask them to lend you money then don’t give them back

I mean it’s basically an easy way to pay yourself. Ask them for money which will include a hardship allowance, that’s basically the amount of money he/she should have given you in the long run.

hilarious ways of getting him to pay back
4. Send them memes about your bank account

Let them know that your bank account is not smiling and you’re not Bill Gates to have extra money to keep giving people without running broke.

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5. Go to their workplace and tell their boss to deduct your money from their salary

I mean if it get’s to this point you might as well go their workplace and try and settle it with someone they fear.

hilarious ways of making someone pay you back
6. Involve the police if you have to

If it’s a lot of money or even a little (because why not) then you might have to involve the police. Let the police handle this thief because who else will do it.

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Call it petty, but if someone owes you something they need to give it back to you. No matter how small it was as long as they borrowed it from you they should give it back. Be as petty as you want because God knows that you didn’t buy things using leaves.

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