Guess what? You don’t really need that Alcohol and I’ll tell you why

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Honestly if I had a dollar for everytime someone got shocked that I personally have never taken alcohol in my whole entire 20something years of my  life, I’d be richer that Bezo’s Ex-wife smh… If only.

The percentage of people turning to alcohol in the  pursuit of a good time is rising by the day. We’ve forgotten how fun the times were before liquor ruined all the fun .We sorta believe that we need a little extra boost to be able to enjoy a weekend or a holiday . But is it important really?

Here’s a few ways you can turn up without really turning up.
1.With friends

The best way you can make some awesome memories is in the company of people you love and people who understand you.Group fun is just double the fun. You can take road trips,have game nights, volunteer for charities,go for group activities like hikes or camping.

2.With your bae

You can book a weekend alone with your lover to just get to enjoy each other’s company.Go for a romantic getaway,go out and try new food,Have Netflix and chill and just immerse yourself in each others company.It’s a great way to keep the intimacy intact.Do things that bring you more together.

3.By yourself

You can spend your weekend alone binge watching that series you wanted to finish, set aside time for self-care,from working out to scrubbing down, or schedule manicures/pedicures.You can also decide to indulge in your hobby .Time alone should be for the things that make you happy and at peace.

It’s important to have booze free events because you end up spending so much money anyways, plus what’s the point of a hangover? Focus on getting real activities and you will become a better person.

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