British envoy to Kenya applauds Pres. Kenyatta new strategy to fighting corruption.

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British High Commissioner to Kenya Nic Hailey has come out applauding the Government of Kenya for the smart move that will help in fighting the corruption dragon that has been a nightmare to the Kenyan economy.

According to HC Hailey, the move to exchange the 1000 note comes in handy as for all those who have been earning their wealth through corruption proceeds now have their days counted.

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“This announcement on the 1,000 bob note is great news. Anyone who has been stashing proceeds of corruption in cash, to avoid oversight, will have to explain where their wealth came from. Welcome tough stand on corruption.”

The British envoy note came as soon as the Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge together with President Kenyatta unveiled the new currency during the celebration of the 56th Madaraka Day.

During the unveiling Governor, Njoroge noted that all exchange should be made by October 1st 2019 after which the older note will cease to legal tender.

The new currency bears the sign of Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) and the Big Five animals that define the Kenyan nature.

The new strategy by Government will see President Kenyatta’s move to fighting graft ease up. Following speculations that few individuals have been putting corrupt earned money in their houses.

This comes following the many corruption cases that have been been the talk of the town.


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