Boniface Mwangi receives standing ovation after aiding the arrest of wanted thugs

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Human rights activist cum media personality Boniface Mwangi  has receive standing ovation after he aided the arrest of two thieves who were on the police watch list.

Taking to Twitter, Mwangi explained that he was having coffee at a city restaurant when he realized that his bag was missing.

“I was having coffee when Christopher Maina & Mary Wangechi decided to steal my bag. I turned and found them with my bag. Raised my voice; they were arrested.They’re at Central Police & guess what? They’re wanted for theft in other restaurants.Lost anything to them? Wako Central” he wrote.

Upon turning, he saw the two people who were seated behind him holding his bag, this prompted him to raise an alarm.

The two namely; Christopher Maina and Mary Wangechi were arrested and taken to Central Police Station.

hen they got to the station, police officers informed him that the two were wanted for theft in other restaurants.

Social media users,applauded Mwangi for handing the criminals to the police.


Amerucan (@NjaysC ……Kama hujui that police on the picture,, hujatembea central police station enough times.

Kibwana Hassan ……Out of all people to steal from they picked Bonny? It’s either they are super daring or the biggest fools alive.

Nelson Amuguvi ……Biggest scumbags. Congrats Bonnie. It’s about time these criminals paid for their actions.”

Mary Odonya……..There are so many laptop thieves in restaurants. You did well actually. The days of a thief are forty.”







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