Want to Introduce your Man to your Parents?Try out these tips

There is nothing as nerve-wrecking as introducing your man to your parents. Especially Kenyan Parents. I don’t know about you, but I find that Kenyan Parents can be a bit much when it comes to meeting people of their children’s opposite sex…especially boys.

The questions that are like a norm now, “Who are you….Your parents?….Where do they work?……Mmetoka pande gani?…… What do your parents do?… ” And the favorite of them all, “Where do you go to church?”

Woe unto your  boyfriend if they are not in any way religious.

So it’s time for your man to meet your folks yeah? There are things you and your man do in the relationship that are totes normal; then there are other things that are quite scary like introducing your boyfriend to your parents. Him meeting them isn’t the problem, but the problem is how ya’ll will warm up to them. So here are tips on how to introduce your man to them without breaking a sweat.

1. Keep it as brief as possible.

Keep the meeting like Sauti Sol like saying ” short and sweet”. Don’t bring about unnecessary stories.  This takes the pressure off while saving yourselves some awkwardness. Instead, grab a drink or coffee. This speeds up the process.

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2. Build up their confidence

Remind him of how awesome he is and that he is an amazing guy no matter what. Constantly remind him a few weeks prior to meeting your parents, so that when he gets to meet them, he’ll be confident AF.

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3. Remind them that your opinion matters

At the end of the day, he needs to know that what you think of him matters. Assure him that no matter what your parents think of him, just tell him and ascertain him that your feelings for him are still the same and that won’t change no matter what.

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4. Fill them in on the family dynamics

If you can foresee a misunderstanding, let your man know in good time so that he is best prepared when the scenario arises. You wouldn’t want him to be caught off guard causing embarrassment and shit.

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5. But leave out the baggage

Everyone’s family is cray cray in their own special and unique way. But keep in mind there’s a fine line between sharing tid bits of info and overwhelming your boo thang down with baggage. Limit the negative references about your family as much as possible.

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6. Catch them up on family traditions

OK, so let’s say it’s your first Easter or whatever together and your family has some… strange traditions. Your partner will want to know what to expect so that they aren’t caught off guard. Do you know how cringed he’ll be when he just finds ya’ll doing some crazy dance and he’s like ” Say what now?”

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So you can tell your boo to calm down. He’s gonna make a fine impression on your rents. Rest assured!

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