To all Men, Women have Bedroom Desires too!

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Dear men, if you’re reading this please understand that sometimes we as women have desires that we probably cannot tell you because you’re too damn boring. Women can also be fun and super sexual if given the chance and the right partner.

Sex is something that most people don’t like talking about, especially women. We are expected to act like sex is the last thing on our mind while sometimes our hormones are seriously raging. We also have sexual desires but we’re sometimes too busy thinking of how to pleasure men.

1.His mistress

Yes, you may be his girlfriend or wife but there is something about feeling like a mistress. The pleasure of feeling like you’re doing something wrong with bae usually excites the lady. Others take it a bit further and would want their boyfriends/husbands to tell them about their previous sexual experiences as it turns them on.

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2. Having a threesome 

For some reason, some men think that women are not open to the idea of sharing their man. But for some women, it gets them off when they think about sharing their man with another woman. This may also be because they like girls and enjoy the experience.

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3. Creating porn

They imagine creating pornographic movies with their man or the person that they are attracted to. This fantasy puts them in the mood for sex and they would be open to having a sex tape.

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4. Being a stripper

They are the types who go to strip clubs because they are probably inspired by the women dancing on the poles. Given the chance, a woman who would want to be a stripper would actually have a pole in her room for her husband.

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5. Masochism 

She has a thing for pain and she loves it when her men dominate her. So things, like pulling her hair, spanking her and choking her, is her kind of thing.

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Every woman has a sex drive and a sex fantasy. You should never judge yourself for letting your mind wander off and explore some crazy ideas if you have a partner you should consider telling him you may just boost your sex life.

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