The Struggle that is Kenyan Hairdressers SMH!

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I’m pretty sure every Kenyan Lady has had a salon experience atleast once.  And we’ve all gone the struggle that is Kenyan Hairdressers. As much as we love our hairdressers, some of these habits need to be roasted.

There are so many wrong things that happen at the salon during every visit but at the end of the day, if you leave looking fantastic, all is forgiven. Women who like to try out new salons and new hairdressers, have experienced a lot of these scenarios one too many times.

1. They clean your scalp like they heard you had an army of lice living in your hair.

Hairdressers always feel the need to scratch and clean your hair using all the energy they have in their system. The worst thing about this is that some of them use their long nails to scratch, trying to get some imaginary bacteria off you.

2.Watering your face as they clean your hair.

Having to wake up an hour earlier than usual every day to make sure your makeup is on point and then the hairdresser spills water on all that work, is heartbreaking. Many hairdressers have not mastered the art of cleaning the hair without cleaning your face in the process. Why now?

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3. When they use hairspray like they are trying to chase the devil away.

Have you been to a salon and right before you step out, the hairdresser decides to add some sheen by spraying the whole can on your hair? Well, you are not alone. Many women are also going through the same everyday. The problem with this is that, some of the hairdressers do not ask you to cover up your face and hence all the excess oil ends up settling on your face. This is one of the fastest ways to get annoying pimples on your well taken care of skin.

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4. When pick up a call in between blow drying or flat ironing your hair.

Would a surgeon take a call during a brain surgery? Then why do hair dressers insist on risking your life by doing this? Picking a phone call when holding an extremely hot appliance is very dangerous. The worst scenarios could be: getting your ear burnt, your forehead totally burnt, a section of your hair comes off with a chunk of your scalp due to the heat. You should ask them to turn off the power and continue when they are done with the call.

5. Lie about the time you have to spend in the dryer.

You have left the office in a hurry at lunch time, trying to get a quick hairstyle done and the hairdresser promises that the time you need is 10 minutes in the drier. Ten minutes later, the story changes and they ask you to go back for another 30 minutes. This could be very inconveniencing .

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6. When they speak so loudly to other hairdressers in a language you cannot understand.

Getting your hair done at Kenyatta market could take 3-4 hours depending on the style and how many people are working on you. Imagine being plated by 4 women who are speaking in a language you cannot understand and you have to endure this for all that time.

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7. When they pull your hair like they are digging for treasure.

Some hairdressers pull your hair with all of their might. This makes braiding process very painful and it is also bad for your hairline. The more they pull, the weaker your roots become and that is why most braids on the hairline fall off in less than a week. Crotchet braids and faux locks are the worst.

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8. Putting cheap and low quality products in a fancy product’s bottle.

Many salons use this trick to charge highly for a wash and dry. They buy the cheapest products and store them in bottles of respected brands. Many women who do not carry their own products end up using products that leave the hair unhealthy.

What other annoying habits by hairdressers have you experienced?

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