Taking it back to some Ol’School Jams to Set the Bedroom Mood

ol' skool R&B, R&B music, Sex song playlist, R&B Playlist

Everyone stop whatever you’re doing because I ‘m about to give the beiggest hack of all. Behld, Old School RnB jams. Yeeeah….you know what I’m talking about..  Get the mood right for your freak on!

It’s been a long day for your Mr so to set the mood right and help him distress you will need a little bit of help, you can rock that hot red negligee with some heels too, put on that popping lippie and the perfume that gets him wanting to suckle on your neck. However to get him in the mood for some bedroom fun, while eating dinner play some songs that will get that vibe going, and the best kind is ol’ skool R&B music because honestly speaking I feel Music nowadays doesn’t quite have the same mood setter impact as the R&B music of the 90s.

ol' skool R&B, R&B music, Sex song playlist, R&B Playlist, 90s music
These 6 songs will sure get you guys at it like rabbits:

Jodeci – Freek’N You

Keith Sweat – Twisted

Donnell Jones – Do U Wanna

Tyrese – Sweet Lady

Shai – If I Fall In Love

LSG – My Body


Enjoy the mood setting, have fun and make sure you wrap it up, you don’t want to end up making babies while you’re at it unless that’s your goal!

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