Google Map’s To Fool Proof All Your Food Orders, No More Tricks From Vendors

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When it comes to food we all want the best, if not the best at least we will want what the photos on the website shows, nothing less.

Sometimes we like perusing the menu online before we physically go to the restaurant but whatever we find there is nothing close to what was exhibited online. Now, this is what google maps will do, expose the fake menu for you before you get there. Isn’t that delightful?


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Google Maps’ latest feature now highlights a restaurant’s most popular dishes, helping you to place your order with confidence.

The feature uses machine learning to match dish names with relevant photos and reviews posted on Google.

This allows you to see what a restaurant’s dishes actually look like and what previous diners have thought, rather than relying on menu descriptions.


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The most popular dishes will be displayed in the overview tab, while the most talked-about meals can be found in the menu tab, alongside customer photos and reviews.



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