Ann Kansiime recalls how she was accused of selling her uterus

Uganda based female comedian Anne  Kubiryaba  Kansiime has for the first time open up on how she has been a victim of social media trolls.

Kansiime who is currently in the country recalled the time one of her followers accused her of selling her uterus in order for her to gain fame and money.

According to her fan, the funny girl is unable to give birth because she sold her uterus to the devil in exchange for fame.

” Two or three years ago, they said that I sold my Uterus because I was unable to have kids with my former husband” she recalled.

Kansiime who refute the claims went ahead to say she was really hurt with how people are quick to judge.

“At least if they claimed I sold my lips, I could prove they were wrong. But you cannot prove you did not sell your uterus,” said Kansiime.


She also rubbished claims that her marriage to Gerald Ojok fizzled out due to infidelity. Kansiime explained that she had a plan on how her life was to pan out but rushed into marriage.

“I wanted to study, graduate, get a job, find a man and eventually settle down. I managed to do that, I graduated, found a job and met a man and I thought everything was in order… I rushed into the marriage. It was actually not a white wedding but a traditional one. We had marked the dates but they kept being pushed until I started questioning myself,” said Kansiime.

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She noted that their separation had nothing to do with her plum salary or the limelight since she was already famous before they met.

“There was no infidelity in my marriage on my part. On his part, unless we call him to your studios so that he can tell you because I do not know… I was in the limelight before we got married so I do not think that is something that contributed to our break up. Also, it is a fact that I earned more money than he did. I am not sure whether that made him insecure. You cannot dim your light to shine another person’s light,” she narrated.

The funny girl who is the host of East Africa Got talent went ahead to shame a section of  Kenya Men who are found of salivating at anything in a skirt for sending her dirty videos.

According to the comedian, some people have been using the number provided to send nudes and dirty videos hoping to get instant fame. Kansiime also revealed that others have been sending M-Pesa to the line hoping to get an instant pass.

“Please put on some clothes and stop sending us pictures and videos of your body parts. This is not my M-PESA number so do not send me money.” She said.

Kansiime who is also the host of East Africa Got Talent also adviced those looking for her to “connect” them to stop adding that she is just a host and cannot help them.

“All we want to see is your talent. Don’t look for me because I am just a host and nothing you will do for me will make you win.”She added

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