WHEW! The Struggle of Controlling your Toddler’s Tantrum in Public

To be honest, all children of this and coming generations have had it easy in this life. Back in the day there are some thigs you would not dare do in public or even at the comfort of your home because you knew what would come next… a BIG Ass Whooping.. and more.

Nowadays I hang around children who throw tantrums and all with so much entitlement and I thank God for my mother who only needed to give me The Look….you know that Stank Eye… and I would immediately come back to my senses before i get in any more trouble.


Sigh… but gone are those good ol’days. Nowadays there are those moments you feel most helpless when a toddler has a loud, ugly meltdown in public.  You know the one. They are rolling on the floor screaming. They are kicking at you.Everyone is staring at you (some even giving you dirty looks), because you are supposed to be able to control your kid. That is not always the case. Here are some tips on how to get you and your little one through a public tantrum

1.Give clear instructions

If you are going to the supermarket, make it very clear before you leave the house that mommy is going to pick up groceries only. You will not be picking toys or sweets, but groceries. Make a list and encourage your child to “help” you pick the things that are ONLY on the grocery list.

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2. Be prepared

Carry snacks, enough water and toys (coloring pens and a piece of paper are fine) to keep your little one entertained. This is important if you are going to be some where like in queue for long streches of time. You don’t want your child screaming the building down because they are thirsty or bored.

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3. Give them attention

Sometimes your son or daughter just wants attention. You are busy waiting in line or filling out a form and they begin throwing a tantrum because mommy is too busy to look at them. Just stop what you’re doing and give them a quick hug. They should be fine right after.

4. Don’t shout

The urge to raise your voice and frighten your child into submission may be great, but whatever you do… Do not shout at your kid. Shouting that escalates the tantrum to new heights. It will only make things worse. Just deal with them in a calm manner and they will calm down.

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Tantrums and  parenting in general is tough but you are doing the very best that you can and that is good enough. Make sure to be gentle with yourself as a parent. Your kid already thinks you are the best.

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