The Perfect Weekend Destinations in Kenya for the Common Mwananchi


Honestly if travelling was free you’d probably not see most Kenyans ever again. Unfortunately for us the expenses are so much we can barely affor our own necessities let alone travelling even on a budget.

We all wish we could travel a bit more, change the scenery once in a while but the issue is always money. We wonder how to plan, where to get a hotel, a flight and how would transport work out? Well, lucky for you we found three weekend destinations that would suit most people and won’t hurt your pockets as much. Tell us what you think.

1. Kisumu

Kisumu is an obvious destination but for some people it doesn’t come across as the ultimate city to visit. Apart from the heat, they have wildlife, the lakeside view, fresh fried fish and boat rides. I always say that if you can’t make it to the Coast then Kisumu is perhaps the most similar to Mombasa. If you book your accommodation using you get a 3,000 shillings off as a discount after your stay.
2. Eldoret

Often times when people think of Eldoret they think about the party life and even insist that it’s no different from Nairobi. While Eldoret has everything Nairobi has, it also has scenic views that you wouldn’t get in Nairobi. It’s a 6 hour drive so I would advise you to book a flight using and use your 3k discount using this link. Eldoret is for hill lovers, these include include the beautiful Nandi Hills where visitors can hike or visit the sprawling tea estates.

3. Famous Nakuru

People travel to Nakuru for events, parties but not for the exploring. Nakuru is the fourth largest town in Kenya, so you bet there will be a lot of things do there. Of course, there’s the famous Lake Nakuru which is home to different wildlife such as lions, leopards, Giraffes, hyenas, buffalo, and wildebeest. You could rent a car from plus accommodation and also get a good discount. If you have the option, you could split the bill with the people you’re traveling with.

There’s obviously no reason to stay in Nairobi when you can organize a fun trip to any of the cities above. Remember, it’s always better to book earlier as you will get better rates and your discount will be more beneficial.

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