End of The Road for City Walkie-Talkie Wielders

When Ms Waithera Gaitho’s car got hit by persons posing as VIP escort officers, she quickly captured the ordeal on camera and posted on Twitter.

“I’ve been hit by these ‘very important’ people while they were driving on the wrong side. Please help me find them,” she said.

The vehicle that hit the woman's car on Friday morning./COURTESY

While the National Police Service (NPS) pronounced themselves greatly on the matter, it was until May 29 when the police actually put in writing the list of people who should be given right of way.

In their report, the Police said that they had information on various “VIPs” who were harassing other motorists on the road in the pretext of clearing the roads for government officers.

“This unacceptable behaviour has not only caused anger and concern on the part of the motoring public but has also resulted in untold suffering and inconveniences,” NPS stated in their report.

The Kenyan roads have been a haven for anyone with a walkie-talkie and a black suit to bully motorists out of the roads.


Kenyan motorists have become so accustomed to being pulled over by fellow motorists in a wedding procession, unruly governors’ security detail and members of Parliament with bloated senses of self-entitlement.

When he took charge of the police service, IG Hillary Mutyambai has in several instances been so categorical in the conduct of police officers and also VIP security conduct.

In the new move that is seen to embolden the Kenyan motorist, not just any other Tom Dick and Harry will be able to bulldoze their way in complete disregard for other motorists.

Vehicles allowed to be given the right of way include that of the President, The Deputy President, Chief Justice, First Lady, Attorney General, Speaker of the National Assembly, Speaker of the Senate, Cabinet Secretaries for Defence, Interior, Finance and Foreign Affairs.

The other people with the right of way are the Principal Secretaries for the four ministries above and the Chief of Defence Forces, Inspector General, Deputy IG, Service Commanders of the Defence Forces, National Assembly  Majority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, Former Presidents and Former Prime Minister.

All the other vehicles are required to abide by the regular traffic rules like the rest of the motorists.




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