Why Nigerian Officials Arrested This Charming Kenyan Beauty

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A Kenyan beauty-cum businesswoman could be spending her entire life in prison after she was arrested in a Nigeria Airport.

The model is said to have been nabbed shortly after landing at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Nigeria when the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) pounced on her.

In their brief search, NDLEA recovered some 6.5Kgs of Cocaine stuffed in the model’s false bottom handbag.

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Authorities confirmed the bust noting that this was was the largest consignment ever seized in the recent past.

While the beauty who has since been identified as Angela Wairimu said that she had been tricked into carrying the consignment by a friend in South Africa, the Agency believes there is more than meets the eye.

Angela Wairimu
Arrested Kenyan Model Angela Wairimu

The model was on her second trip to Nigeria from South Africa, where she said she had a Fashion business.

She would also divulge to the Agency that she had come to Nigeria to buy fabric for her fashion business in Kenya and South Africa.

What Happened?

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“Wairimu who shuttles between Kenya and South Africa claimed to be a modelling expert and a trader in clothes and cosmetics. According to her, a friend in South Africa approached her to assist an unknown person to deliver the brief case containing wears in Nigeria which was brought to her at the Airport through an errand boy.

She was to deliver the consignment to the husband of the sender who was to meet her at the NAIA, Abuja. She claimed to be on her second trip to Nigeria to procure home-made body beauty products and local fabrics for her enterprise called La Model in South Africa and Kenya. She denied being under any financial inducement but confessed that her daughter was suffering from acute leukaemia which put her under financial pressure,” said Jona Achema, NDLEA spokesperson.

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According to the Nigerian laws on Drug consumption and trafficking, any person convicted of importing drugs into the oil-rich West African country faces life imprisonment.

“Any person who, without lawful authority-

(a)    imports, manufactures, produces, processes, plants or grows the         drugs popularly known as cocaine, LSD heroine or any other                 similar drugs shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction         to be sentenced to imprisonment for life; or

(b)    exports, transports or otherwise traffics in the drugs popularly known as cocaine, LSD, heroine or any other similar drugs shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to be sentenced to imprisonment for life” states the Constitution in part.


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