We are Not Boarding! Why Angry Kenyans will Boycott Jeff Koinange’s Interview with Miguna

Celebrated TV host Jeff Koinange is known for the phrase ‘smooooking hot!’ especially on his shows. But Kenyans have blasted the journalist over his interview with Canadian based Lawyer Miguna Miguna. Koinage and the self-proclaimed NRM General met in Washington and they found a bench for what has been described as a scintillating show.

But in an interesting turn of events, Kenyans have vowed not to watch the interview. A section of Kenyans believe that they know everything that Miguna will be talking about. The interview will be punctuated with Demagogues, thieves, Raila and Uhuru.

Kenyans believe there are better things to do like watching the Europa League Finals between Chelsea and Arsenal in Baku rather than Miguna Miguna boring interview.

Kenyans are also not happy with Miguna’s behaviour of blocking everyone who disagrees with him. The General is just not open to criticism he thinks he has a monopoly of wisdom.

So why should people sit and watch a man who doesn’t want to be corrected? Miguna is one of the most closed minded people in Kenya.


Someone believes Miguna has blocked more people than the votes he garnered in the 2017 Nairobi Gubernatorial Elections.

A section of Kenyans also believe that interviews like that of Miguna are just heightening political tension in the country, more than three years before the next general elections.

Kenyans are also not happy with Miguna’s brutal attacks on Raila Odinga and the handshake. The General will likely be going hard on the former Prime Minister tonight and some people have just had enough.


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