Toa Liwigi Lako Kwanza- Mange Kimabi Trolled For Mocking Rayvanny’s Hairstyle


Mange Kimambi, the number one nemesis to Zari Hassan has shifted her unending rants to Wasafi artiste- Rayvanny. Ray any has been showing off his new hairstyle and Mange is not happy about it

Mange lost her battles against Zari and her children when she found out that Zari was unbothered by many things she talked about.

Now she hates on this hair

She accused Harmonize of hypocrisy, following live performance that was done on a religious event in Tanzania led by Harmonize.

Here is Manges Post claiming that as first lady she was not pleased with Wasafi artistes performing during a religious event.

After this, she singled out Rayvanny and spoke ill of his colored hair. She took to social media and shared a picture of Rayvanny with captions;

Tumechoka na tumekuzoes na rangi za nywele zako bwanaa

However, Rayvanny’s fans id not spare Mange Kimambi for a minute. They trolled her for talking about Rayvanny’s hair while her signature wig has never been off her head for years. see what people told Mange;

Others trolled her not minding her business and always poking her nose o things that do not concern her.

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