Referendum Debate: Moses Kuria warns of the repeat of 07/08 post election violence

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has dispelled doom on the nation in case it embraces the calls for constitutional reforms.

The Controversial legislature is rooting for the change of the constitution but not through a referendum.

Hon Moses Kuria is pushing for a constitutional reform where by the National Assembly and the House of senate will review the demands presented by the building bridges initiative then implement theĀ  changes.

According to Moses Kuria, vesting the right to the citizens to participate in a referendum will divide the nation leading to a national catastrophic like what rocked the nation after the 2007/2008 elections.

The incidents from the post election violence still remain fresh in the minds of Kenyans.

But the debate for referendum is gaining momentum. President Uhuru Kenyatta himself announced for a painful and unforgiving change.

This echoes what Hon Raila Odinga earlier stated that the country should be prepared for a massive change.

This is opposed to what The Deputy President William Ruto is rooting for. DP Ruto is pushing a reforms which will improve the livelihood of the people.

This being the main point of division that may politicize the entire referendum debate.

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