Landlord’s crazy list of demands for tenants, No. 34 will shock you

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Landlords have the express authority to set certain requirements for the tenants for a harmonious stay.

Maybe at some point, you have dealt with a ‘rubbish’ landlord or housemate in your renting escaped.

But some experiences are so crazy due to the extreme rules a landlord may demand to be met by all tenants.

Some poor tenants have been exposed to a list of terrible demands from the landlord according to an excerpt that has gone viral on social media Wednesday.

A homeowner has shocked netizens with a list of very bizarre requirements for tenants of their property.



Some of the regulations are pretty fair.

In the list of demands as was seen by Daily Active, it started with reasonable requirements, such as limiting noise levels, keeping the place clean and not using drugs while on the premises. Reasonable, right?

But then things get a bit intense. Tenants have to stay out of each other’s rooms, they’re not allowed guests, and drinking alcohol in the property is banned.


No one is allowed on the property, but those who live in the property, was the third line. Meaning you can’t have a visitor or a relative visiting you.

The list continues: ‘YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN toiletries and hygiene products.

DO NOT use anyone else’s. ‘If the bathroom is out of items, buy your own, DO NOT use paper towels as it clogs the septic system unless you want to pay for a plumber.

‘Windows must remain closed at all times while the heat or air-conditioning is on.

‘There will be a Ksh. 1000 late fee if rent is not paid on time even if it’s the next day.


‘If any of these terms are broken at any time you will be asked to leave immediately, and therefore forfeiting paid deposit and any prepaid rent.

Expanding over the rules, the landlord wrote: & Rides should stop at the end of the driveway and turn you off accordingly. If your ride gets stuck or enters the driveway, it will be considered as a forbidden area and will be treated as a result of signs posted on the site.

Another freak rule stated that tenants were not allowed to cook after 9.30 pm until 6.00 am on weekdays and until 9.30 am on the weekend. The list offered no explanation for the very limited cooking times.

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Worryingly enough, it was also mentioned that the building underwent constant video surveillance, which includes IR (infrared camera) at night to ensure no rules are broken.

If tenants were cold, they could not adjust the thermostat and they were advised to buy a blanket.

By signing this you are agreeing to these terms, concluded the tough conditions.

These rule can only turn the house you are about to rent into a prison cell.

Here is the excerpt:

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