Lady exposed Trying to exchange her body with a Phone- see Chat

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The kind of world we live in today is full of surprises. Some are sad and some are funny. However, the presence of slay-queens In the present world is just a threat to the world.

Slay-queens, generation of women that will do anything to get what they want. they would walk in clubs, siphon money from men, buy makeup, eat pizza, pay rent buy good phones and that’s it! They do crazy things to make a living.

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Slay queens


One unlucky Nigerian slay-queen had her messenger chat leaked by a man believed to be a phone dealer after she proposed to sleep with him for 2 weeks in exchange for an expensive phone- iPhone

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Here is the chat where the lazy woman is begging the man to invite her to his house for two weeks and get the phone. she is so desperate such that she says she would do anything for the man. However, the man turned down the offer even after the slay queen continued to nag him.

It’s funny how slay-queens would want to have expensive products in exchange for sex.

However, she says she is not a prostitute.

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Guy leaks his chat with a Facebook Slay Queen who wanted him to 'Chop' her for 2 weeks & give her iPhone

If slay queens could just accept to live by their means, the world could be a better place to be. and if all men could choose to turn down sex offers from slay-queens, The world would be the best place to live in. This is the truth!

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