DCI finally nabs mysterious Vihiga watchmen killers

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Detectives from DCI has three suspects linked to the the brutal murder of six watchmen in Western Region on 3rd March this year.

According to DCI, the three were arrested following an intelligence based operation which began in Mukuru kwa Reuben, Nairobi and led detectives to Vihiga and Kakamega counties.

The six watchmen were killed at Kilingili Market, Sabatia in Vihiga County.

One of the arrested suspect, a 26-Year-Old Caleb Nanjira Alumbe, is believed to be at the crime scene on the night the six watchmen were killed.

The DCI detective says the second suspect was a 28 year-old Fanuel Andayi was arrested at Mukuru kwa Reuben, Nairobi.

According to DCI, the third suspect, a 28 year-old Aziz Amwayi Akoko who was arrested in Butere had earlier been arrested by the local police for the killings that happened on 21st March this year at Khwisero but later released on bond.

A search on Aziz house by the detectives led to the confiscation of several gadgets including several mobile phones and a Laptop.

The detectives managed to recover phones stolen on the night the watchmen were murdered from the second suspect Andayi.

The suspects are now in custody awaiting further processing.

The deceased watchmen, who were hacked to death, were identified as John Ondachi, Francis Osayo, Linus Anyiga, Thomas Miano and Charles Kalume.

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One of the residents, Caleb Miano, a son of one of the deceased, said his 70-year-old father had been working as a night guard at Kilingili market for more than 10 years and had raised concern about insecurities in the area.

“My father was complaining about insecurity issues in the area and that people have been attacked but no action had been taken,” he said.

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