You all must vote for me, Huddah to vie for Presidential seat

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Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe, has shown an interest in vying for the presidential seat. She shared her interest while expressing her annoyance towards negligence in the Kenyan Government.

On her Insta Stories, she wrote; “If I was the President of Kenya, everyone caught in corruption will not see the door of the office next day. I would seize all their properties but am nice so I would leave one house for them.

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Y’all must vote for me when the time is right. We are the change we wish to see in the world. This generation is not greedy, hungry and self-centered. This generation is woke, educated, full of awareness and zeal for life.

This generation, given a chance will change the world. We just wanna leave the world a better place.

In 2022, Kenyan youths will not vote. Until our rights are considered. We have been neglected and everyone put under the Ministry of Public Service Youth and Gender affairs is old as fuck. They ant tell our issues. They just stealing SMH!”

This comes after she talked of Kenya being the worst place to invest. She said; “When you are outside Kenya looking in, you just realize you used to live in a jungle.”

A country full of animals. It’s an animal kingdom. Very few humans in that place. Everyone wants to see everyone fall. You can’t trust anyone in that jungle. A country full of animals. jealousy, envy, hatred is the motto.

Smh! Only God will save Africa. If we can’t change the way we think. We are doomed for life! Instead of helping each other grow. We’d rather tear the next person down so they can be on our level! But not me! My eyes are open! I saw the light!

Kenya is a sea full of sharks. And they all smell blood. The worst place to do business is Kenya. Tell an investor to invest in that shit hole they think you are mad. They’d rather go invest in Nigeria or use their money to wipe their ass instead of coming to Kenya smh!

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You can only understand my frustration if you are a businessman or woman.”Beside her socialite life, she is a business lady. She has her own line of cosmetics. Her statements come after she was accused of selling substandard matte lipsticks. She brushed off the accusations saying that her latest batch was up to par, original and safe for use.

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