Names Being Fronted to President Kenyatta as a Ruto Betrayal Looms

The growing political rift between  President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto won’t pull a surprise if Uhuru changes his mind on supporting him for the 2022 presidential bid.

Sources close to Uhuru has hinted that the president and his handlers are keeping an eye on five individuals from whom he will pick a successor.

David Murathe , Uhuru’s close ally and a former top leader in Jubilee had cleared the air that Jubilee does not owe Ruto any political debt.

The source says Uhuru will not be like Kibaki who was disinterested with succession campaigns even after indicating he preferred Musalia Mudavadi.

“It is obvious the Kenyatta family has a bigger interest than Kibaki, things like the Justice , Truth and Reconciliation commission report is one thing that the Kenyattas will want buried and forgotten among other issues”- the source was quoted .

It is also widely expected that Uhuru’s candidate will have Raila’s blessings with a promise of keeping a country united and both (Uhuru and Raila) will be the elders who will be pulling the strings behind the curtains.

Here are the names of the five top favourites to succeed Uhuru. His Deputy has been left out of the list but one cannot rule out his ability to navigate round the system to secure the endorsement of his boss.

Raila Odinga

The people’s president is the most powerful politician in the country and has the biggest following that cuts across the republic. He controls Nyanza, Western and Coast region almost 100% and also controls about 55% of Nairobi, Eastern and Northern Kenya.

If Uhuru is desirous of leaving a legacy with some clear imprints of democracy then the best person to endorse is the Rt Hon Engineer Raila Amolo Odinga. He is the most experienced and also has a huge international network.

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Mt Kenya mafia snatched the presidency from Raila in 2007 (broad daylight robbery) and will therefore be very much in order if they can be decent enough and endorse Raila. Remember also that it was Raila’s father Jaramogi that declined to take presidency and instead handed it over to Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the one thing that most kenyans never forgave Mzee Jaramogi for giving room to a tyrant who came to power and terrorize Mau Mau and grab about 5% of the country’s land mass.

 Musalia Mudavadi

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Uhuru owes Musalia from their 2002 joint ticket that saw them humiliated by KibakiRaila’s NARC coalition.

Hon Musalia is perhaps the best compromising candidate to the whole country, Mt Kenya region are ok with him, Rift Valley treats him as one of their own considering it was his father Moses Mudamba Mudavadi who launched Moi into politics. He is non controversial, a calculative fence sitter with traits of retired President Mwai Kibaki.

 Gideon Moi

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If Uhuru endorses Gideon Moi then he will just be rewarding his childhood friend and stands a chance of turning tables on DP Ruto. With many scandals trailing Ruto, Senator Moi will almost sweep through Rift Valley and depending on what move Raila and Musalia will make the last born of President Moi will register a big win.

CS Fred Matiangi

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By endorsing Matiangi, president Uhuru will be seeking to leave Kenya in the hands of a hard worker and a fairly clean individual who will be acceptable to both big and smaller tribes.

From the sensitive appointments that Uhuru has enough trust Matiang’i including leaving the country for him to rule.

If Mt Kenya chooses to rally behind Matiangi then the community will be shedding off the tag of being tribalists. The Kikuyu will have voted for somebody outside their tribe.

 Prof Kivutha Kibwana

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This would be the biggest surprise. However, it would be impossible for Uhuru to bank on .On Kivutha, President Uhuru will be looking at safe hands that will protect his interest and also pursue rule of law and governance. The Harvard Educated professor will bring Kenya back to sanity, tenderpreaneurs will be vanquished and real development will be experienced. Devolution will finally work optimally!

Kalonzo Musyoka

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If he chooses to endorse Kalonzo, the president will be rewarding a loyal friend and dedicated servant who is widely accepted by majority Kenyans.



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