Sultry Actress comes clean on her hilarious most embarrassing moment ever!

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Embarrassing moments are not anything normal people look forward to. Firstly, because for it to constitute embarassing it must have happened in public, where the masses can mock and roast you alive.’

In this modern day internet craze, some haven’t been lucky enough to forget as the whole world is let in on the dirty secret.

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It’s hard to believe that the gorgeous Brenda Wairimu farts anything but rainbows and sprinkles, let alone being caught in the actual act! Today is your lucky day though, prepare to get bewildered.

Everyone farts, its a natural biological process required for the healthy survival of the body. But sometimes we like to live in a fairytale universe where some people don’t need these things to survive. Because of their intense beauty, it becomes hard to imagine. Well reality sure did hit us different with Brenda’s confession.

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The renown Actress admits that this slip in her person was definitely her most embarrassing moment.

“I always try sneak in a nap during the day on set, especially on days with very early call times, and late wrap times. So imagine me being woken up by laughter. I had let out a fart in my sleep.”

She however reassures fans that it was just as cute as you’d have initially thought. Talk about saving face!

“It was a cute one! Like a cute toot. Not a thunderous one! Better in than out, as they say,” she narrated.

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Brenda who is newly single and dating was clearly comfortable in relationship life before getting unleashed to the wolves out here. After an 8 year relationship and daughter to show for it, the beauty is single again, left to her own devices to maneuver through dating life.

“I was in a serious relationship for eight years, if not more. I’m slowly learning how to date again.

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“That does not mean I am desperate to get someone. Besides, I am not sure when I will be ready for something serious,” she said.

Well all we can hope is that she knows farting on the first date is a huge ‘no-no’! Slip up or not!


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