Echesa : I beg Uhuru to Forgive Me If Supporting Ruto Was the Problem

One former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa is a frustrated man who isn’t seeing any light at the end of the tunnel for his political career.

From, hinting at a rejoint with Opposition Leader Raila Odinga who he publicly insulted severally, now the embattled former CS is calling on President Uhuru to forgive him for any wrongdoings.

Echesa was being interviewed at his residence where he bemoaned the humiliation he was being subjected to by law enforcement agencies.

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He claimed that his arrest over the Matungu killings was not informed by proper investigations.

“What I want to tell Mr President, if there’s anything wrong that I did that offended you or that you don’t want to tell me and maybe I don’t know, kindly Mr President, find a place in your heart and forgive me,” said Echesa.

Echesa also called on the Head of State to tell him whether he was being persecuted for supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

“If supporting William Ruto could be the problem, I better be told than subjecting me to this humiliation,” he added.

The former CS was replaced with Ambassador Amina Mohamed following a mini cabinet reshuffle. A section of political pundits argues that the vocal politician was sacked over his involvement in politics.

During his stint as cabinet secretary, Echesa attacked opposition leader Raila Odinga and dared him to sack him from his sports docket.


Reports are now emerging that Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa is in a mission to make peace with Opposition Chief Raila Odinga, a man he declared and swore he will never call baba, a man he even dared to sack him.

Sources privy to the happenings around Echesa have revealed that the former CS has been sending emissaries to Raila to help him end their long standing Political rivalry.

It is claimed that Echesa has realized that his strong association with Ruto was creating a big negative impact on his political star.

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