Declare the national debt, Mudavadi tells Jubilee government

Amani National Congress leader MusaliaMudavadi has come out urging the government to come clean and declare to the Kenyans on the status of their debts.

According to Mudavadi, the country has been over borrowing funds from different entities and countries money that is ending up in other people’s pockets.

He further added saying that the country has enough to feed everyone’s needs but not everyone’s greed.

“State officers are hiding dubious figures in the budget with a clear intent of stealing. The country is over-borrowing to feed the greedy appetite of a few individuals.”

He further added saying, “The national debt is just shy of Ksh 6 trillion, most of this money cannot be accounted for. All we ask the government is to publish the country’s debt portfolio, they give us a deaf ear. How long will this reckless borrowing stop?”


Mudavadi’s remarks come after he pleaded with the Members of Parliament to be more careful once the government releases the statement of accounts on how they intend to spend this year’s budget and money.

He further insisted that the MPs should not let the Budget committee go Scott free with ghost budget which will in the future lead to corruption scandals.



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