Why you should have Dry Fry before going for Wet Fry

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We probably make fun of dry humping. Many guys who frequent strip clubs pay dancers to dry hump them. And grinding on a dance floor is basically dry humping.  It would seem to me then that dry humping’s importance should be concretely studied and defined.

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It’s normal for toddlers to dry hump pillows, stuffed animals and even each other. Sometimes it’s a natural instinct, other times they’re imitating something they saw. In both scenarios, however, it’s important to early development. Human beings need those experiences to help shape their understanding of their own sexuality.

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Dry humping is essential to sexual growth for teenagers. It’s a way to build a “sexual repertoire” in terms of moves and identifying what they like and don’t like. In fact, for some, dry humping is how they experience their first orgasm.Image result for dry humping

I was game for more dry humping because most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, it makes sense that they might like it more. You’re coming into contact using friction with all of these particular areas of their anatomy that are going to trigger arousal.

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Some women also might use dry humping as an audition. It may even present an opportunity to figure out if their date has a boyfriend dick. I had written about this earlier, look it up. It is like her trying to figure out if he was going to just sleep with you and then end it. An extreme example of this can be seen in Don Jon, when Scarlett Johansson’s character uses dry humping.

Women who decide dry humping is a test run for sex are probably more interested in how comfortable a man is with his body, similar to dancing. When adults dry hump, it’s a chance to show off one’s moves. Rather than seeing it as a sort of reversion to adolescents, see it as the use of a skill, one of familiarity.  Christians need dry humping. It’s a way to “cheat” abstinence, and for some, it’s how they discover orgasms.


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