Maybe you don’t love him, you’re just Emotionally Dependent on him


Honestly we all fall in love at some point…..and we find ourselves in situations where we lose a sense of who we are.. We go in too deep.

The question is, where do you draw the line between love and too much dependency?

1. Your self worth depends on their approval

You always feel the need for your man to tell you how good or how smart and beautiful you are. If he doesn’t tell you, you’ll feel bad and it’ll feel like you’re doing all the wrong things to the point you’ll assume that you’re not good enough for him. Girl, you don’t need a man to tell you who you are, what you are and how you look. You are better than that boo.

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2. You lose focus

Have you heard of being so in love to the point you lose yourself and all you think about is your man? If you solely focus on your relationship to the point you cannot live your life the way you want to, you’re probably too dependent and your man takes the lead role in your life right now, once he leaves your side, you might find yourself feeling completely empty. If this is you boo, then it’s time you re-evaluate your life because this shit ain’t right honey.

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3. You’re possessive AF!

When you depend so much on someone, the thought of losing them becomes unbearable (I know right?). You begin to question your relationship status and start being jealous of people that he is with at that point of time, what he does, who he does it with, where he is etc etc. Don’t put your life on hold for a man. If he has a life to live, what’s stopping you from living yours?

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4. You sacrifice too much

Lastly, if you start to give up on your needs just to meet your man’s, then your relationship may not be the healthiest. You’re not lifeless doll honey! remember; What you want out of life defines who you are, and you don’t need someone who dismisses or bashes your goals.

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So if you do fall in this category, then ask yourself if it’s really love or you’re just afraid. Don’t be this girl. Be you!

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