I know it will hurt to Hear this, but your Bed Game is Whack Boo

signs you're not pleasing him in bed

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of things that make sex great but not everything. Especially from a man’s point of view.

A man may not tell you but if you care about satisfying him but you don’t feel you’re not then probably these pointers will enlighten you.

1. They never moan or make any noise at all

Obviously if he never moans or gives you any signals that he is enjoying it, it means he is not enjoying it. I understand that some men don’t like making sounds when they are in the bedroom but if you can’t feel the energy and passion from him, there’s something you’re doing wrong.

signs you're not pleasing him in bed.

2. They never initiate sex with you 

You get in bed and he doesn’t even try to lead you on, there’s clearly something that may turn him off without you knowing, ask him why he is not as interested in sex as much as you.

signs you're not pleasing him in bed

3. They pretend to orgasm or sometimes they finish it off 

When a man orgasms there’s some sort of gratification that shows on his face. When he is faking it, he simply just lets things be and sleeps as soon as it’s over without even talking. Alternatively, he may just end up masturbating which is the biggest insult.

signs you're not pleasing him in bed

4. He is always the one on top

If there’s no fire in your sex life, he most likely keeps doing missionary style which leaves you there like an object. If you’re sex life is not interactive it gets boring and pushes him away.

signs you're not pleasing him in bed

5. You never go for any other rounds

He says he is tired but if it’s every other day, he is not tired, he just doesn’t enjoy having sex with you.

signs you're not pleasing him in bed

6. You bring your insecurities in the bedroom and refuse to try new things

You keep insisting that you need to switch off the lights, you tell him that you can’t get on top of him which is totally boring. There’s nothing worse than someone who doesn’t want to try new things because she doesn’t have confidence.

signs you're not pleasing him in bed

You shouldn’t have to do things that make you uncomfortable to please a man. However, if you’re not ready to explore your sexual options and desires, you should probably stay celibate or get a boring partner. Don’t have sex if you’re not confident enough because this is just a big let down.

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